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How to plan your destination wedding

Added: Feb 25, 2023
Category: Tips and more!

Three questions to consider before arranging a destination wedding:

1. What sort of destination wedding are we looking for?

    The type of wedding you wish to have is the first thing you must select when organizing a destination wedding. Before making a final decision, you and your partner might meet to discuss the type of destination wedding you both desire. Traditional church weddings, beach weddings, and elopements are all possibilities. The details of your ideal wedding can start to take shape once you make a decision about this aspect.

2. When do you think we should get married?

Establishing the time of year you'd like to get married is a smart idea, either after choosing a location or possibly even before. In the United States, choosing a season is simple, but in some other places, the seasons might not be as clearly defined. For instance, the Caribbean typically experiences sunny weather, which is fantastic for your wedding. But, you can take into account the fact that these islands have rainy and dry seasons, which affect how much rain you might anticipate while choosing the date of your wedding.

3. Who should we invite?

Domestic weddings can differ significantly from destination weddings in terms of the guest list. If you're getting married at home, your guest list may end up being pretty big, but a destination wedding will allow you to be a little more selective (and rightfully so!).

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