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The Florida Aquarium achieved its highest attendance ever.

Added: Mar 22, 2023
Category: News

The Florida Aquarium experienced its highest attendance in its 27-year history with nearly 925,000 guests visiting in 2022. The achievement can be attributed to the aquarium's investment of millions of dollars in new exhibits and guest experiences. Roger Germann, the aquarium's president and CEO, expressed gratitude to the community, members, and tourists for their support, acknowledging that the Florida Aquarium's conservation efforts, including saving sea turtles and restoring coral reefs, would not be possible without them. In 2022, the aquarium introduced new features such as the revamped Shorelines Gallery, the widely accessible guided underwater walking tour called SeaTrek, and the Tampa General Hospital Animal Health Care Center, whi...

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Exclusive to Kendall, there's a sizzling new European dessert available in Miami

Added: Mar 21, 2023
Category: News

Chimney Cake & Co. is introducing a new and sensational European dessert that can only be found in Kendall, Miami. If you haven't visited Eastern Europe recently, you may be unfamiliar with chimney cakes, which have made only a few fleeting appearances in Miami thus far. Chimney Cake & Co. owner Max Goldstein claims that Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic are among the countries that claim to have originated this cake, but Hungary is typically recognized as the true birthplace.

At Chimney Cake & Co., situated adjacent to the Apple Store in Dadeland Mall, you have the option to design your own remarkable cone, or choose from their menu of flavors (including chocolate, Nutella, raspberry, lemon,...

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In 1954, the inaugural Burger King restaurant was established in Miami.

Added: Mar 08, 2023
Category: News

Miami, Florida boasts an interesting piece of trivia - the city is home to the very first Burger King restaurant. Originally known as Insta-Burger King and founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953, the company underwent a name change after being acquired in 1954. Not long after, the first Burger King franchise restaurant opened in Miami, where the company continues to be headquartered in Miami-Dade County.

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In Miami's Art Wynwood, a woman accidently destroys a $42,000 Jeff Koons sculpture.

Added: Feb 25, 2023
Category: News

During the Art Wynwood contemporary art fair in downtown Miami, a woman attending the VIP Preview event accidentally broke a highly valuable sculpture created by renowned artist Jeff Koons. The shiny, electric blue sculpture, worth an estimated $42,000, was on display at the Bel-Air Fine Art booth when the woman, without realizing the artwork's value, touched it and caused it to shatter.

Following the incident, the VIPs gathered to assess the damage and take stock of the situation. Fortunately, the Bel-Air Fine Art booth did not have a "if you break it, you buy it" policy, and the artwork was fully covered by insurance. Bénédicte Caluch, an art advisor with Bel-Air Fine Art, confirmed that the woman who broke t...

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